Tri Star Basketball Competition
The Tri Star Basketball Competition is an annual Optimist sponsored event held at the Nachand Field House in Jeffersonville. Members from the Jeffersonville Optimist Club, the Falls Cities Optimist Club of Jeffersonville, the Breakfast Optimist Club and the Georgetown Optimist Club sponsor and judge the competition in cooperation with the Jeffersonville Parks and Recreation Department. Kids from the Clark County area compete in dribbling, shooting and ball handling events designed to test their skills. Trophies and medals are given to the boy and girl winners of each event and they can go on to the Optimist District competition. The kids have a great time.

Optimist International Essay Contest
The Optimist Essay Contest has existed for several years. It is for youth under nineteen years of age as of December 31 of the current school year and attending the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. In this contest kids put on paper their thoughts, intentions, purposes and desires relative to a given topic which is selected each year by Optimist International. Over 1000 clubs (approximately 24% of all clubs) participate in this contest.
This contest is a true International endeavor. The district winners (nearly 50) will be judged at that level.


 The essay must be in the student’s own words and must acknowledge any quote or reference.
•  It must be 400 to 500 words, typed, double-spaced with title heading only.
•  No reference to self, relatives or place of residence (anything that would identify the writer) is
• The writer’s name, title of essay, number of words and school must be on a title page separate from
   the rest. The reason for this is so that no judge will recognize the writer.
• There are no other governing rules. The kids may interpret the topic as they desire.

Prizes for this contest are:
DISTRICT LEVEL:                     A plaque and a $650.00 college scholarship
                                                     First Place:         A $5000. scholarship, a plaque and an all-expense    
                                                                                  paid trip to the International Convention for the student
                                                                                  and parents
                                                    Second Place:    A $3000. scholarship and a plaque
                                                    Third Place:        A $2000. scholarship and a plaque

The Evening Optimist Club, the Breakfast Optimist Club and the Falls Cities Optimist Club of Jeffersonville all share in this effort as a multi-club event. We are proud of this youth program. Our entrants have done very well even to the district level.

Optimist International Oratorical Contest
This youth program was initiated in 1928. Approximately 2000 clubs (50% of all clubs) participate in this effort. The contest is for youth under sixteen years of age—or one cannot become sixteen before January 1 the year of the contest.

Originally, the contest was only for boys as punctuated by the motto at that time, “Friend of the Boy”. Since that time we have changed the motto to, “Friend of Youth”, which eliminates discrimination.

In 1972, our district began having a girl’s contest in addition to the boy’s. Our club began this on our own and raised the scholarship money for the winning girl within the district. The following year Optimist International authorized a dual contest. So, we Hoosiers started the trend! Now girls participate also in this motivating exercise in public speaking.

The Jeffersonville Evening Optimist Club has had an Optimist Oratorical Contest every year since our charter in 1952. The Breakfast Club and Falls Cities Optimist Club of Jeffersonville have also participated since their charter dates. We have had both boys and girls contests since 1972, and have had winners at the zone and district levels many times. Many of our contestants have gone on to become leading citizens in many communities and we like to think that a bit of their success can be traced to the public speaking opportunity we initiated. We have been told this by many of our kids.


• Participants cannot be older than sixteen years of age.
• Speeches must be at least four minutes in length and no longer than five minutes (without penalty).
• The topic will be chosen by Optimist International each year.
• There will be three non-Optimist judges.
• Winners at the local contest receive a medallion, winners at the district level receive a plaque or
  certificate and winners at the District level receive college or vocational school scholarships of
  $1500., $1000. and $500.
• No other rules apply to content other than those previously stated. However, poise, adherence to
  subject matter, delivery and appeal are definite factors in judgment.


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