The Jeffersonville area is full of the philosophy of Optimism. In fact, there are three Optimist Clubs in our fair city: the Jeffersonville Evening Optimist Club, the Breakfast Optimist Club and the Falls Cities Optimist Club of Jeffersonville. The goal of all three clubs is the same. As our motto states, we strive to be a "Friend of Youth."

Our reason for being is based on the fact that our young people represent 30% of our population, 20% of our intelligence and 100% of our future. Therefore, we have no choice but to prepare them to "fill our shoes." The members of all three Optimist Clubs in Jeffersonville come from all walks of life. The goal that brings us all together is a desire to lead, teach, help and assert a positive influence on the kids of this area.   

After the meal we always have a program involving outside speakers who include professionals in the healthcare, business, politics, law enforcement, charitable organizations and many other fields. We earn money by working fund raising events during the year. This money is used to fund our youth-related activities and to support the upkeep of the club.

To become a member of the Jeffersonville Evening Optimist Club you simply fill out a membership application, which can be supplied to you at a meeting or through the mail, and turn it in to an optimist member or mail it to the club. Your membership application will be voted on by the board of directors and, if accepted, you will be notified of your acceptance. You can also talk to any member that you know and let him/her know that you are interested in becoming a member. They will become your sponsor and will see that you get a membership application. The annual dues are $65.00 which goes to Optimist International and a one-time initiation fee of $30.

We earnestly solicit your interest in joining us in our efforts to bring out the best in our youth, thus facilitating a better and lasting community of caring people.

For more information you can call

2017-2018 PRESIDENT (
JON SOWDER, (812) 989-5728, is the President of the Jeffersonville Optimist Club.


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